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Easy Fruit Cake

Give them a fruit cake recipe they'll enjoy with our Easy Fruit Cake made with pecans and mixed dried fruit! Use yellow or chocolate cake mix to make this...

Author: My Food and Family

Corn Pudding

Serve this Corn Pudding at your next family dinner! Combine whole kernel, cream-style corn and muffin mix in this savory side-dish pudding.

Author: My Food and Family

Baked Tuna Cakes

Hope you like making these crispy, golden Baked Tuna Cakes! Because chances are excellent that your family will be asking for them again.

Author: My Food and Family

Beer Cheese Fondue

Soft pretzels, sliced German sausages, pickled garden vegetables, and roasted Brussels sprouts can all be dipped in this oozy cheese sauce for one amusing...

Author: Andrea Slonecker

Peanut Butter Cookies

Try our version of a classic! These Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies are a tried and true crowd-pleaser with their creamy peanut butter flavor.

Author: My Food and Family

Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce

Gnocchi, tender potato dumplings, aren't difficult to make. A hint of truffle oil intensifies the flavors in the sauce, which would also go well with other...

Baked Crab Dip

Fresh crab meat is so rich, fabulous, and sweet that, for this dip, I wanted to highlight the texture and flavor of the crab without masking it. Served...

Author: Diane Morgan

Angel Lush

See how quick and easy our delicious Angel Lush is to make. Our step-by-step instructional video breaks it all down for you. You'll be able to wow your...

Author: My Food and Family

Black Ice Licorice Ice Cream

Author: Matt O'Connor

Easy Cheesy Corn Casserole

Enjoy our Easy Cheesy Corn Casserole with prep time that lasts just under an hour. This cheesy corn casserole features whole corn kernels, creamed style...

Author: My Food and Family

Layered Italian Zucchini Casserole

Sliced zucchini is layered in a casserole with spaghetti sauce, Neufchatel cheese and Parmesan in this easy-to-make Italian vegetable bake.

Author: My Food and Family

Cheese 'n Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Recipe


Author: My Food and Family

Chocolate Sauce

A straightforward ganache-chocolate and cream - with a two-to-one ratio of cream to chocolate. Some sugar, in the form of corn syrup, is added, primarily...

Low Fat White Sauce

This can be used to lighten any casserole that calls for a white sauce.

Lime Butter Sauce

It takes only 5 minutes to make this fantastic sauce. Once you see how versatile it is - it works perfectly with the grilled salmon and the grilled corn...

Author: Ian Knauer

Croissant Dough

It's important not to try to halve this recipe. When you need only a half recipe of dough, as for the pains au chocolat, use the rest of the dough for...

Author: Nancy Silverton

Classic Flan

Instead of being baked in one large dish, this version of the traditional Latin dessert is made in individual ramekins.

Author: Martha Holmes

Chilaquiles Verdes

Author: JoAnn Cianciulli

Rémoulade Sauce

Remoulade is a great substitute for tartar sauce.

Cream of Red Bell Pepper Soup

Author: Mark Weatherbee

Cocoa Fudge Sauce

Author: Dodie Thompson

Semi Sweet Chocolate Brownies


Author: My Food and Family

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake with Buttermilk Icing

When the pumpkin pie is gone, but you've only just begun to get your fill of pumpkin desserts, this bundt will fill the void quite nicely (and the somewhat...

Chicken with Roquefort Cream Sauce

Author: Nana K. Varnedoe

Bourbon Sauce

An easy Bourbon Sauce recipe

Pork Medallions with Mustard Sauce

Author: Dodie Thompson

Corn and Bell Pepper Chowder

Author: Cynthia Thomas